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‘You’ve always believed in the importance of dialogue’: May’s barbed challenge to Corbyn as he STILL refuses to join Brexit talks – and 20 of her own ministers threaten to quit if she tries to halt rebel campaign to stop no deal

Jeremy Corbyn (left in Hastings today) has ordered his MPs not to take part in Theresa May’s desperate effort to win votes for her Brexit deal as the stalemate in Westminster deepened. The Labour leader has refused to meet the Prime Minister in the aftermath of Tuesday night’s devastating vote unless she rules out ever allowing a no deal Brexit to happen. But in a strongly worded letter, Mrs May fired back at the Labour leader tonight to say she was ‘disappointed’ at his stance – reminding him he has repeatedly insisted ‘dialogue in politics’ is crucial. Mr Corbyn has been repeatedly criticised for meeting with extremists on the grounds of peace talks.

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