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A Trip to Paradise on Earth “Kashmir”

As being kashmiri and having relatives there I have amazing advantage to visit that beautiful place every year. It’s a reason to smile enjoy laugh every year maybe its beauty and positive vibes there create such situations. Every year this trip time comes whenever we have our vacations that’s mostly from may to aug, this year after long wait the time came we planned our visit on 2nd july and we left our house on 30th june. We traveled whole night from lahore to muzzafarabad total duration of 10 hours. We reached till 7 am 1st july 2018 to our rest point called MLA Hostel.
As we were very tired so we had some 1 2hour rest after getting up we all were feeling hungry and fastly ordered for breakfast. As it came it was finished within minutes after sitting and talking for a while we again felt asleep, as our whole night was not comfortable after having rest we felt little fresh so we decided to roam about. Muzzafarabad city weather in day its quite warm but nights there get quite cool in compare. We walked in the streets, chat in garden, had a tasty dinner in a restaurant which was on the banks of river. The soothing sound of flow of water and cool night made our time out very beautiful. With all this good time that day came to its end and we all slept as we have to wakeup early to reach the station of bus which we use for our travel its not any common bus but called Aman bus which goes from MZD to SRI. Its for those who are kashmiris and living in various parts of pakistan and have State Subject that gives them the identity of a kashmiri.

That day went with lot of checkings formalities it delayed our breakfast even, but after having some spare time we had a good lunch, that time was hectic and annoying but the thing of meeting our loved ones keep us going to cross this all annoyance. At 7 pm we started our travel from india side to our final destination and as our bus crossed from markets, mountains etc we reached near 10 pm to Srinagar.
Skipping some bore stuff or usuall to make my sharing of my trip enjoyable to read I will come up to the parts when I visited the beautiful places in kashmir. You know a thing amazes me there that to enjoy or have a beautiful sight its not necessary you to go far way place of 5 6 or 7 hours drive you just have some breathtaking view on drive of 20 to 25min. there is a famous lake there in midst of city in between of circle of beautiful mountains known as Dal Lake you see it in day or night its mesmerizing always I usually happened to see it while going to anyplace connecting. The lights of house boats floating in it can make you smile. Then we had a trip of 3days to most famous tourist spot of kashmir called Pahalgam in it pahal means shephard and gam means village. As its use to be and is mostly occupied by shephards population, we left for that early one day and cross many lakes beautiful sights lush green ways and atlast reached to our destiny after 3 hours drive. Everyone rested for awhile then had lunch and planned to go on some scenery sighting without being lazy for a minute.
We went to a park which is in a beautiful mesmerizing valley called Betaab Valley there is one exception the water that flows in it has amazing greenish or torqouise touch colour. We wallked to it and as it evening time was getting the envoirnment was getting cold. As we got near to water it is impossible to stay away from it without having a water fight. We had that everyone played to its extent and when it got to cold so we stopped. In half wet state we roamed in its market, its main market of that place filled with hotels restaurants various shops. After walk of 1 2 hours we went back to our rest house and had tea and after awhile dinner.

On day 2 just after our breakfast we all planned that we are going to have a proper water fight as we youngsters were not satisfied from last one. Amazing water place we went there and one by one everyone started to through water to one another, someone dipped other in water, some swimmed and that time was a blast it entertained everyone of us to its fullest. Then after getting ready we went to place 1 hour away from our rest point called Aru while reaching up there rain caught up so we sat in a shed and enjoyed our lunch with river flowing down, surrounding mountains with full of dark green trees. We had pictures there, lots of chit chat and reached to our planned point. We crossed a small mountain there it was little difficult for me but experience was adventurous.
On 3rd day we all got ready fast and started to move to a point that is on a mountain top called Baisaraan the route there is very rough as the horse owners has kept it so people could hire them for travel. But with lot of jumps and thuds we reached there weather up there was super amazing as it was mixture of three four elements there were cloud, rain, air and little light too. We walked up and down, we took lots of pictures and had tasty lunch in a small Dhaba, some of us had tea which was totally unlike my taste as it had too much sugar. Then we again cut that difficult way and reached down in the market and after a while to our rest place.
After some days we again planned a trip to the place not very far from city called Doodpathri in it Doodh means Milk as water there flows so fast and hard that it gives a look of milk and pathri means place with lots of stones. We all had horse riding all around its meadow, then we enjoyed our lunch in a shed, then we rested for awhile and moved to its water area we again were unable to stop our-self from playing with water, we played and then move to end our eve with one good cup of tea, and after that we had back to home.
A book can be written on places of Kashmir and if travel experience is added along, if every year you see the same places of J&K I am always in mesmerize world by looking at the serenity and peace of those places. It seems a big thing to be able to visit and roam there, see its every nook and corner. When at time world thinks that place is in fire every time I can and want to tell them that its actually the place of hospitality, beauty, blessed with natures everything. Its KASHMIR



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