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President AJ&K calls upon European Union to take Notice of Human Rights Violations in Indian occupied Kashmir

The president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan has called upon European Union to pay attention to massive human rights violationsin Indian occupied Kashmir and to render help in peaceful solution of thislong standing issue according to the resolutions of United Nations. Hesaid “Kashmir con#ict is not a bilateral con#ict between Pakistan andIndia, but the people of Kashmir are the most important party and their
voice must be given due weightage in reaching solution of the issue”.
The President expressed these views while addressing conferences withthe members of European Parliament, Brussels Regional Parliament andBelgium based Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora. Large number of member
parliaments and community members attended these conferences.
Sardar Masood Khan was of the view that, as #ag bearer of human rights,European Union must take notice of the alarming situation of humanrights in Indian occupied Kashmir where mass blinding by the un lawful
use of pallet guns was being used as a weapon to supress the indigenousfreedom movement besides killings, torture, disappearances of innocentpersons and rape of women to silence the legitimate struggle of Kashmiris
for their right to self -determination.
“The only weapon available to supressed Kashmiris was social mediawhere they can post pictures of torture and blood soaked bodies” thePresident said, as the mainstream media in the West was silent and not reporting the brutalities committed by 700,000 heavily armed forces ofIndia present in the Indian occupied Kashmir. The silence of media due tourban considerations arising out of economic interests with India has eclipsed the long standing European value of speaking up for protection of human rights, he added.


  • The conference with MEPs and Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora was organized by the Kashmir Council Brussels, headed by Syed Ali Raza and attended by large number of Members of European Parliament including
    Anthea McIntyre, Julie Ward, Danielle Caron, Ambassador Anthony Kreisler, Sajjad Karim, Afzal Khan and Amjad Bashir besides large number of community and media representatives.
    At the Brussels Regional Parliament the conference was organized by Chairman EU-Pak Friendship Federation Chaudhry Pervez Iqbal Loser and attended by Emin Ozkara Vice President and member of the Brussels Parliament and members of Brussels Parliament Dr. Manzoor Zahoor Elahi, Andre du Bus de Warna:e, Catherine Moureaux, Senators Bertin Mampaka, Simone Susskind and Nadia Elyous; and President Post Versa
    Andy Vermant as well as representatives of media Pakistani and Kashmiri diaspora based in Belgium.


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